Pepephone is a well known, customer centric telecoms company in Spain. Their challenge consisted of transforming an online monolithic environment to become a user experience reference within the sector, as well as increasing conversion rates and improving offer management. They also looked to promote their SEO presence in search engines such as Google.

Pepephone Telecoms


Many technologies to build Single Page Applications (SPAs) were tried in previous attempts, resulting in issues with SEO and analytics. DCSL GuideSmiths helped put in place a complete refactor of the responsive site built in React and Next in order to generate the content from the server, which massively improved both SEO and performance.

The outcome was:

  • Improvement in page load speeds (the fastest)
  • An improvement on page size
  • Higher conversion rates
  • An SEO friendly SPA
  • An analytics friendly SPA

We implemented the SPA with React, Next and styled components. Also the DCSL GuideSmiths team created a React plugin that helps customise the SEO on each page in a very simple way.