Therapeutic Frontiers (TF) decided their paper based process was an inefficient use of their time, especially due to regulatory controls. They asked DCSL GuideSmiths to build a bespoke Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which captures and stores data from respiratory tests against each individual patient record. The data needed to adhere to certain regulatory requirements i.e. exact time and date of test and who carried out the test. Data must be stored in perpituity with each record indexed in a certain hierarchy and searchable. Upon completion of client tests, the data had to adhere to the requested client reporting format.


Built with future proofing in mind, DCSL GuideSmiths created a bespoke LIMS for TF in a matter of weeks. Deployed into AWS securely with authentication, TF users are able to enter patient data into simple forms. The data is stored in perpetuity and users have text or faceted search to locate records. All tests are timestamped against the user and the team can track back on where, when and who carried out the tests in terms of traceability.

Records can be exported into the chosen client format on a system created with business growth and future ROI in mind. DCSL GuideSmiths continue to support the application as and where required by the client.