This website is used to advertise the services of DCSL GuideSmiths, with a view to you contacting us to explore what services we offer. Additionally, we use the website to collect job applications.

Terms & Conditions

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Sales enquiries

There are a number of forms on this website available to contact DCSL GuideSmiths for sales enquiries. Such forms request company information such as company name, contact information and a summary of requirements. There are also phone numbers and email addresses to contact us with. The information you provide us (company name, contact details and requirements) is used to contact you back to understand your requirements. If we successfully contact you back, and there is a realistic chance of working together, we will store the data entered into a CRM system, along with further contact information and any detailed requirements, so that we can keep track of our communications with you. If we cannot contact you back, we will not store the data you provided into our CRM system.

We will periodically review the data and remove it in the event: a) we lose contact with you or b) you inform us to remove the data. We do not sell or share your data with 3rd parties or use your data for any purpose other than for maintaining a record of our communications.

Recruitment job applications

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Visitor tracking

We use Google Analytics to check the visitor numbers, referrals and behaviour on this website. This 3rd party service collects your IP address, various pieces of information such as your browser version, any keywords you used to find us, and stores it. It keeps a record of the last few years of website traffic. We do this so we can see general visitor trends and to see the results of advertising campaigns.

Cookie Policy

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Complaints & questions

We have a data protection officer at DCSL GuideSmiths who can be contacted at or 01252 235422 with any questions you may have, for complaints, or if you have any data access or removal requests.

Our Information Security Policy

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Our Software Quality Policy

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