Kite were referred to DCSL GuideSmiths via another client. They wanted outsourced development expertise to embed into their growing internal team. We were tasked with getting their eCommerce platform up and running in parallel to their various other development activities.


As a first priority, we set up our CI/CD environment based on Kite’s chosen technology and rapidly built and deployed an eCommerce solution which integrates with their chosen CMS, payment provider and courier service.



  • Backend: Magento 2 API development, Magento 2 customisation, Extending Magento REST API with custom services
  • Systems integration:, UPS and DPD API, Stripe payment, Craft CMS API, Mailgun
  • Other: Setting up CI/CD in Google Cloud environment and CircleCI, Configuration of failover instances using Docker containers, Smooth Product Catalog and Image Asset import, Custom checkout flow with free Home try option, Automated DPD label printing, shipment management and tracking, Providing reliable e-mail delivery with Mailgun extension and Support monitoring with Sentry Log